• Parts are ground, smoothed, and hand polished to a mirror finish, or a satin finish if required, using special materials and wheels. Polishing is a very delicate operation that requires highly skilled and qualified personnel. Our experienced polishers can remove corrosion without ruining the part, produce a high luster finish without overheating, and leave a smooth surface without undesirable marks.
  • Almost all parts we restore go through various Polish work. It is very important to have the utmost professional polish as any imperfections in the Polish work will be brought to life once Brite Dip Anodized.

TRIPLE PLATE CHROME – Die cast / Pot Metal Restoration

  • Our Triple Plate Chrome is some of the best chrome in the restoration world and is absolutely beautiful. Triple Plate Chrome is the best method for chrome restoration needs.
  • Your die cast or pot metal parts will be plated with Nickel, Copper, and finally Chrome. This ensures that there are no imperfections in the final finish as the each plating covers any previous imperfections such as pits, repair or even weld work. Your newly chromed parts will look as good as new. View our gallery to see our beautifully restored Chrome Parts.

ALUMINUM ANODIZE & BRIGHT DIP – 6-Stage Aluminum Restoration

  • Clear Anodize – Our most sought out restoration is our Clear Anodize restoration. We can professionally restore your Aluminum Parts through our 6 Stage Aluminum Restoration. We offer Bright Dip and Anodize which is very sought after as not many Restorers can offer Bright Dip work.  Bright Dip is the correct method for Restoring Aluminum Parts and this us how they were all made back in the 1950s.
  • Color Anodize – We offer a wide array of color anodize where we can even color match the current anodize of a part you may want restored to original and new condition.
  • Satin Black Anodize – Popular for Porsche window frames and parts. We have spent countless hours learning to recreate a Satin Black Anodize that is an almost exact match to the Original Satin Black Anodize found on Porsche window frame parts. We have had large number of customers looking for this Anodize Finish and we do offer samples if necessary prior to doing your restoration.
  • Brite Dip – Bright Dip is an electro chemical process prior to Anodize to create a highly reflective surface finish. Bright Dip is the same process that aluminum classic car parts went through when made from factory. Due to the chemical laws and restriction in various states Brite Dip is offered by very few restorers.

STAINLESS STEEL RESTORATION – 5-Stage Polishing Restoration

  • We offer a 5 Stage Stainless Steel Restoration in which we carefully take your parts through our Polish Machines. Our Polishers have over 20 years of experience in Polishing Classic Car Parts and we are very careful in this process, as many parts can be extremely fragile and thin.


  • Our Painters have over 25 years in experience painting classic cars and classic car parts. The parts we mask and paint will look like OEM, making your parts look like new. We even offer Argent Paints such as Dark Silver and Light Silver Argent used on many Mopar Parts.
  • We can color match any part you may need painted.
  • Our Painters can carefully mask the smallest and most detailed looking parts. Please refer to our Gallery to see some of our Painted Orders.


  • Through years of experience we can straighten the most severely damaged parts. There is almost no part we cannot repair and straighten.
  • We offer weld services along with custom cut weld work such as filling cracks or tears to cutting specific areas you may need for your custom vehicle.