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America's most reputable aluminum restoration facility

About us

Since our establishment in 1990 our business has focused on the restoration of aluminum and stainless steel auto components. Customers and collectors come to us for restoration of aluminum trim components for their daily drivers and concourse cars, confident in our wide experience and knowledge of aluminum bright dipping that we’ve gained through the years.  Through word-of-mouth and our customers’ referrals we have grown in stature and are proud of our reputation as the most reputable and trusted aluminum restoration facility in the country.

alzakWe have a strong background in Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy, along with the expertise to operate a full size aluminum anodizing line with special emphasis on the bright dipping of aluminum trim.  Our Ano-Brite process offers several bright dip processes including R5 and Phosbrite 174.   We are also approved by ALCOA as an ALZAK* processor.  ALZAK is a highly sophisticated technology used to enhance the appearance and reflectivity of aluminum components:  the process of choice in finishing light reflectors and automotive trim.

Our straighteners, metal polishers, anodizers, and painters are highly qualified and carefully selected master craftsmen.  We take pride in our skillful workmanship and customer service.  In order to achieve the highest level of restoration, we have developed unique tools and techniques, and have invested large amounts of time and money developing the correct paints to reproduce original finishes that are not available elsewhere.   Our goal is to restore your valuable — and sometimes irreplaceable — trim to the highest quality standards at a reasonable price.   Most projects take 5—6 weeks from start to finish.

You are always welcome to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.